Dick riding IS NOT a form of transportation!!!!!!!! 

not with that attitude

Happy 8th Anniversary, BIGBANG! To many more years to come! ♡ #8IGBANG


Tragic love story: two boys fall in love and can’t be together because they both wanna bottom

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Blue night radio 14/08/18
J: Actually, being good in English is something to be proud of right. But it's not embarrasing to not know english, as Koreans. What's embarrasing is pretending to know it. It's hard to learn foreign languages. Our member Key-gun is really good with foreign languages.That's what I think. Even though that's what I say, I don't study English.
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I just realized that are not many if any junjou egoist rimming fics. Someone needs to write some. (o‿o)


It’s amazing how many times people use the excuse “they signed up for it, so they have to deal with it.” They signed up to entertain us and spread their love of music, not to be stalked,bashed,or criticized on. No one signs up for depression.

YG language lesson
BIGBANG: Boomshakalaka!
GD: Niliria Niliria
TOP: Doom Dada Divi Dada
Taeyang: Ringa Linga
2NE1: Bam Ratatata Tatatatata
WINNER: Dara dat dat da da
It’s inevitable, once you become a YG Stan YOU WILL DEVELOP THE YG HEAD BOP AND NECK ROLL when you hear a good beat.